AIT Policy Manual

Apprentice Eligibility
Table of Contents
Apprentice Eligibility
    Dual Apprenticeship
    Cancellation of Apprentice Registration
    Re-enter an Apprenticeship Education Program
    Registration in an Apprenticeship Education Program Without a Sponsor
Apprentice Mobility
    Alberta Apprentices Working in Another Jurisdiction
    Apprentices from Other Jurisdictions Working in Alberta
    Examination Administration in Other Jurisdictions
    Access to Alberta Classroom Instruction for Apprentices from Other Jurisdictions
    Working in Alberta with an Expired Out-of-Province Trade Credential
    Receiving Recognition for an Expired Out-of-Province Trade Credential
Classroom Instruction
    Attendance in Classroom Instruction
    Determining Success in Classroom Instruction
    Academic Conduct and Personal Behaviour
Sponsor Eligibility
    Obligations of a Sponsor
Compliance and Enforcement
    Site Visits and Inspections
    Consequences for Non-compliance
    Inspection and Suspension
    Publication of Convictions
    Limits on Rescheduling or Failing to Attend an Assessment
Industry Pathways
    Establishing Apprenticeship Education Programs
    Establishing Industry Training Programs
Blue Seal Program

Apprentice Eligibility

To be eligible to register as an apprentice in Alberta, an individual must:

  • be a Canadian citizen, or
  • be a permanent resident of Canada, or
  • be a Convention refugee or protected person and meet the conditions set out in Part A (below), or
  • be a Refugee Claimant in possession of a work permit and meet the conditions set out in Part B (below); or
  • be an individual in possession of a Post-Graduation Work Permit and meet the conditions set out in Part C (below);
  • be a Ukrainian citizen living as a temporary resident in Canada and meet the conditions set out in Part D (below, temporary)


  • be a resident of Alberta, or
  • be primarily working in Alberta (in the scope of the apprenticeship education program).


The Registrar may permit an individual to register as an apprentice without meeting the educational entrance requirements on the condition that the individual meet those requirements within the first year of being registered in the apprenticeship education program.

  • The individual must still meet the other eligibility requirements in order to register as an apprentice under these conditions.

Part A: Convention Refugees/Protected Persons

Convention refugees and protected persons are eligible to participate fully in an apprenticeship education program and do not require a work permit or a study permit.

These individuals apply and receive approval for entry into Canada while in another country. They may obtain permanent resident status before they arrive in Canada. Those who do not obtain permanent resident status are afforded the same access to education and work opportunities as permanent residents.

Part B: Refugee Claimant in Possession of a Work Permit

Refugee claimants with a work permit are eligible to:

  • apply to register as an apprentice and
  • begin on-the-job instruction

if they meet all the other requirements.

 Refugee claimants are not eligible to attend any period of classroom instruction until they have obtained the status of:

  • Convention refugee or protected person,
  • permanent residency status, or
  • Canadian citizenship.

If a refugee claimant has an active application to become a permanent resident, they should consult with Government of Canada to determine their authorization to study in Canada.

 Some refugee claims may take longer than a year to be reviewed by the Government of Canada. In such cases, if the individual is working as a registered apprentice, the apprentice should contact Apprenticeship and Industry Training before 12 months have passed to discuss options to ensure their registration in the apprenticeship education program is not canceled on the basis of failure to progress.

Part C: Post-Graduation Work Permit Holders

Post-Graduation Work Permit holders are eligible to register as an apprentice provided they have completed a post-secondary program of study that has received recognition by the Registrar for all periods of classroom instruction in an apprenticeship education program.

Part D (temporary): Ukrainian Citizens Living as Temporary Residents in Canada

When registering, all Ukrainian citizens should indicate their Ukrainian citizenship in the application to allow the Registrar to advise whether they are eligible to complete the apprenticeship education program under their visa.

Ukrainian citizens living as temporary residents with a work permit in Canada are eligible to register in apprenticeship education programs if they meet one of the following conditions:

  • their program requires fewer than 6 months (26 weeks) of classroom instruction.
  • their program requires more than 6 months (26 weeks) of classroom instruction, but they successfully challenge the necessary period examinations to reduce their total classroom instruction time to be less than 6 months (26 weeks) to remain in compliance with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada policy.
  • they have received approval from Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada to participate in their program
  • the Registrar has deemed them eligible to register.

 These measures are temporary and may change in accordance with federal emergency travel authorizations afforded to Ukrainian citizens.

Information for Ukrainian Citizens

Dual Apprenticeship

Cancellation of Apprentice Registration

Re-enter an Apprenticeship Education Program

Registration in an Apprenticeship Education Program Without a Sponsor


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