Determining Success in Classroom Instruction

Minimum Requirements to Pass Classroom Instruction

To complete a period of classroom instruction in an apprenticeship program, an apprentice must receive from a post-secondary institution:

  • a cumulative weighted average mark of 65% or higher in the theory component for that period of classroom instruction,
  • a cumulative weighted average mark of 65% or higher in each practical component for that period of classroom instruction, and
  • a mark of 50% or higher on every section of the theory and practical components for that period of classroom instruction.

The cumulative weighted average is calculated by applying the weighting identified in the curriculum guide to the apprentice’s mark for each section of the course and adding the results together.


Requests for review of an apprentice’s marks must be submitted to the institution by the apprentice.

  • Post-secondary intuitions and their instructors are in the best position to assess the knowledge and skills of their students.
  • The institution has the authority to determine how it will approach requests for review.

The Registrar (AIT) will not adjust marks if the apprentice has not received the minimum pass mark from the post-secondary institution.

  • The Registrar can accept new marks reported by the institution.
  • The Registrar cannot overrule the institution’s decision regarding a requested review.

Period Exam Pass Marks

The above policy applies only to classroom instruction and does not apply to provincial period exams, which have a pass mark of 70% or higher. This includes: 

  • theory exams administered by AIT (on-site at the institution or at an AIT office) (all programs), and
  • practical exams administered by the institution or AIT for the following trades: 
    • Bricklayer
    • Cabinetmaker
    • Carpenter
    • Glazer
    • Hairstylist
    • Sheet Metal Worker
    • Welder

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