Re-enter an Apprenticeship Education Program

Individuals who have had their registration cancelled are permitted to apply to the same or another apprenticeship education program provided they still meet the apprentice eligibility criteria.

When an individual submits a new application for an apprenticeship education program and the individual was previously an apprentice in Alberta for the same program or branch of the program, any recorded achievements (credits) from that previous registration may be applied to the new registration.

If an individual’s registration in the apprenticeship education program was previously cancelled due to a failure to progress, the individual may re-apply.

An application to re-enter the apprenticeship education program after two previous cancellations due to failure to progress may be subject to one or more of the following progression conditions, at the discretion of the Registrar, depending on the requirements for the individual to progress in the program:

  • Registering in classroom instruction;
  • Registering for an assessment;
  • Finding a sponsor and completing on-the-job instruction hours.

Any required conditions will be communicated in writing to both the apprentice and their sponsor, if applicable, and will include:

  • the specific date when such action is to be completed and
  • any consequences to the apprentice if they fail to comply (e.g. cancellation of registration).

Action is generally required within two to four months, based on the availability of the classroom instruction and/or assessment.