AIT Policy Manual

Limits on Rescheduling or Failing to Attend an Assessment
Table of Contents
Apprentice Eligibility
    Dual Apprenticeship
    Cancellation of Apprentice Registration
    Re-enter an Apprenticeship Education Program
    Registration in an Apprenticeship Education Program Without a Sponsor
Apprentice Mobility
    Alberta Apprentices Working in Another Jurisdiction
    Apprentices from Other Jurisdictions Working in Alberta
    Examination Administration in Other Jurisdictions
    Access to Alberta Classroom Instruction for Apprentices from Other Jurisdictions
    Working in Alberta with an Expired Out-of-Province Trade Credential
    Receiving Recognition for an Expired Out-of-Province Trade Credential
Classroom Instruction
    Attendance in Classroom Instruction
    Determining Success in Classroom Instruction
    Academic Conduct and Personal Behaviour
Sponsor Eligibility
    Obligations of a Sponsor
Compliance and Enforcement
    Site Visits and Inspections
    Consequences for Non-compliance
    Inspection and Suspension
    Publication of Convictions
    Limits on Rescheduling or Failing to Attend an Assessment
Industry Pathways
    Establishing Apprenticeship Education Programs
    Establishing Industry Training Programs
Blue Seal Program

Limits on Rescheduling or Failing to Attend an Assessment

When an apprentice is scheduled to complete an assessment, they will be provided the flexibility to move the date of their assessment at no charge through their MyTradesecrets account or by contacting Apprenticeship and Industry Training. If the apprentice requests to reschedule the assessment or fails to attend the assessment, they will be accommodated up to the following limits after which the assessment request will be automatically cancelled:

  • two failures to attend, or
  • two reschedule requests, or
  • a combination of two reschedule requests and one failure to attend, in any order.

Failure to attend due to sudden illness or personal emergencies may count toward the above limits upon review by Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

Once the above limits are reached, the assessment request will be automatically cancelled and the fee forfeited. The apprentice is required to pay the examination fee in order for the assessment to be scheduled again. Any additional reschedules will also be subject to the applicable fee.

Apprentices looking to reschedule a third attempt may not book their assessment through their MyTradesecrets account. Instead, they are encouraged to contact their local AIT office.

Cancelled assessment sessions due to extenuating circumstances (such as a flood in the office or a compromised examination) do not count towards these limits.

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