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Examples of Non-compliance

A designated AIT officer is authorized to enter the premises of an employer or a worksite at any reasonable time to conduct an inspection of the premises, work site and records that are relevant to the inspection. AIT officers have the authority to:

  • inspect the premises or worksite location, and any record or object relating to payroll, job classification, performance of work, qualifications or the training of workers and to observe the nature of trade-related work being carried out,
  • make inquiries of any person regarding any relevant records, or the employment, qualifications, training or instruction of person, including inspection and verification of trade credentials or apprentice identification cards and records related to employment of tradespeople and training of apprentices, and
  • make copies or take photographs of any relevant records or object, or remove them to make copies or take photographs. 

Following are instances of non-compliance.

Non-compliance for a company:

Non-compliance for an individual

  • Impeding efforts of an AIT officer to carry out the duties of an AIT officer (Section 27 of the act)
  • Using the terms “journeyperson” or “certified” or “trade certificate” to misrepresent that a person is qualified to work in a trade (Section 23(1) of the act)
  • Representing that a person holds a trade certificate when they do not, or that a person is permitted to work in a designated trade when they are not (Sections 23 (2) & (3) of the act)
  • Performing restricted activities without falling into the prescribed class of individuals authorized to perform the restricted activities (Section 23(4) of the act)


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