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Tuition and Fees

Each of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions that offers apprenticeship classroom instruction has the authority to set its own apprentice tuition and materials fees rates.

Visit the website for the institution you are attending to determine what your tuition and fees costs will be. Depending on the institution, this may be found within the institution's Enrolment Instruction Package or Enrolment Instructions. If you are unable to locate tuition and fees on the institution’s website, contact the institution for information.

Tuition fees are subject to increases determined by the board of governors in accordance with the Tuition and Fees Regulation:

  • For 2022-23, increases capped at seven per cent average applied across the institution
  • For 2023-24 and beyond, increases capped at Consumer Price Index average applied across the institution
  • No program can increase by more than 10%

 More information about how tuition rates are set can be found in the Alberta Tuition Framework.

Apprentices also pay for books, parking, student association fees, facility fees, materials, and consumables during their classroom instruction. Click for additional enrolment information for specific training institutions.


Click to view FYI - Financial Support for Apprentices.

Apprentices can apply for help with technical training costs and living expenses through:

Information and application forms are available from:

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