Local Apprenticeship Committees


Welcome to the ‘grassroots’ of the apprenticeship and industry training system for designated trades. Employers and employees are equally represented, with members appointed by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board for terms of up to three years.

Committee members are responsible for:

  • monitoring local activities and updating their trade’s Provincial Apprenticeship Committee (PAC) with local information,
  • monitoring the apprenticeship system and the progress of apprentices in their trade at the local (regional) level,
  • making recommendations to their trade’s PAC regarding apprenticeship training and certification, making recommendations to the Board regarding appointment of members to their trade’s PAC, and helping to settle disputes between apprentices and their employers in matters relating to the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act.

Industry Network Tool Box

Everything a committee member needs to be effective in the Industry Network is right here.

  • View Industry Network meeting calendars and agendas,
  • AIT Board meeting calendar and minutes;
  • access to bylaws, policies and guidelines;
  • travel expense forms;
  • request Industry Network meeting minutes;
  • and more!

Start by downloading your copy of the Committee Member Handbook, and review the new member orientation package. Check back often for more tools that will help you strengthen the apprenticeship program for your trade.

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Do you know someone who would make a great LAC Member?

All the information to join Alberta’s Industry Network is available here.