Equivalency Program

If you hold a valid recognized credential that does not have an Interprovincial Standards Red Seal endorsement, you are eligible to apply for an Equivalency Card.

A person who holds a valid recognized credential does not require an Equivalency Card to work in Alberta. However, some employers may require Alberta documentation as proof that the credential holder is allowed to work in the trade, and that the holder's credential is recognized.

To obtain an Equivalency Card, a person must:

  • complete the online Equivalency Program Application through MyTradeSecrets.
  • have, or acquire, an Alberta Student Number (ASN). Find or obtain your ASN,
  • provide a clear picture or scanned copy of the trade credential (DND applicants must provide their service number for verification), and 
  • pay the $60.00 non-refundable application fee as part of the application process.

Questions?  For more information call the Apprenticeship toll-free line at 1-800-248-4823 or visit your nearest Apprenticeship and Industry Training office.

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