Training Plan

If you have attempted the theory or practical exams two or more times in the same trade with Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT), and any prior exam attempt resulted in a mark of at least 60%, you may complete a Training Plan and upload the information into the "Document" section of your MyTradesecrets (MTS) account.

  • You must provide a Training Plan at least 3 months prior to your 18-month application deadline.
    • From the assessment approval date, you have 18 months to complete ALL program requirements, including the Training Plan, if applicable.
  • You must provide your Training Plan for review.
  • The Training Plan is evaluated and a decision on an additional attempts is based on the quality of your Training Plan.
  • Approval of your request for an additional exam attempt is not guaranteed.
  • A maximum of three exam attempts is permitted under one existing application in the same trade.

The Training Plan should include:

  • start and end dates of your studies, and
  • at least 40 hours of study time in one of the following forms:
    • self-study with Individual Learning Modules (ILMs) or other materials,
    • Identify the study materials, the sections/chapters and how many hours you are spent on each topic.
    • working directly with and/or tutoring a certified journeyperson or an employer,
      • list the tasks performed, the journeyperson's name and certificate number.

For more information, contact an Apprenticeship and Industry Training office.

Please reference the Training Plan templates (theory or practical), if necessary. You can use these documents and your exam results letter (or the exam counselling sheet) to create your Training Plan.

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