Chairperson’s Award of Excellence

The Chairperson’s Award of Excellence recognizes those who demonstrate extraordinary dedication and commitment to their trade or occupation, and to apprenticeship and industry training overall.

This commitment is recognized through outstanding service as a member of the industry advisory system.

Nomination Information:

Apprenticeship and industry training managers and client service consultants nominate individuals. Recipients are generally selected every two years.

Award Criteria:

A nominee for the Chairpersons’s Award of Excellence:

  • has made significant contributions to one or more trades or occupations, and to the principles of apprenticeship and occupational training while serving as a member of the industry advisory system;
  • demonstrates leadership in furthering the goals of the industry advisory system;
  • is a strong promoter of Alberta’s trades and occupations, and the apprenticeship and industry training system within the province and in other jurisdictions; and
  • has a minimum of six years of continuous service in the industry advisory system.

Award Presentation:

The Chairperson’s Award of Excellence is presented at the annual Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board Awards.

Chairperson’s Award of Excellence Recipients:

  • 2016

    • Darcy Tangedal, Athabasca
    • Jim Brady, Okotoks
  • 2014

    • Don Bunch
    • Gordon Provencher
    • Jeffrey Norris
  • 2012

    • Cliff Williams, Edmonton
    • Gerald Clark, Edmonton
  • 2010

    • Archie Meurs, Grande Prairie
    • Morgan Rockenbach, Wrentham
    • Roger Soucy, Calgary
    • Roger Dootson, Edmonton
  • 2009

    • Donald Oborowsky, Edmonton - Waiward Steel Fabricators Ltd.
    • JudyLynn Archer, Edmonton - Women Building Futures