Apprentice Mobility

Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Protocol and Agreement

Under the Provincial-Territorial (P-T) Apprentice Mobility Protocol, and the Apprentice Mobility Agreement, Canadian provinces and territories may recognize on-the-job apprenticeship education (hours) and technical training, and pre-apprenticeship training completed in the same trade in other jurisdictions.

Ministers responsible for apprenticeship in each jurisdiction signed the Provincial-Territorial (P-T) Apprentice Mobility Agreement, which identifies jurisdictional commitments to facilitate apprentices' abilities to temporarily move or permanently transfer between provinces and territories, and possibly receive recognition for on-the-job hours and technical training. This document creates the foundation that enables apprentices to pursue training anywhere in Canada.

The Protocol and Agreement applies to:

  • trades that are designated in both AB and the other jurisdiction,
  • apprentices who wish to:
    • Permanently Transfer - apprentices who wish to permanently transfer their apprenticeship to another jurisdiction, or
    • Temporarily Move - apprentices who wish to take on-the-job hours or technical training outside of their home jurisdiction.

Provincial-Territorial Mobility Transfer Guidelines

The P-T Apprentice Mobility Guidelines apply to apprenticeship training programs in all Canadian provinces and territories. The Guidelines reached by the jurisdictions facilitate apprentice mobility and provide a snap-shot of apprenticeship programming and processes associated with temporary and permanent apprentice mobility. 

Provincial-Territorial Mobility Transfer Guide

The P-T Apprentice Mobility Transfer Guide includes detailed information for apprentices when moving temporarily or permanently transferring from their home jurisdiction to another. The Guide includes charts and tables outlining jurisdictional requirements.

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