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Updating of Modules is deferred due to realignment of operation activities.


  1. To order apprenticeship ILM modules, please choose a printer from the menu below by clicking on the appropriate link. ILMs can only be distributed within Canada. Please use Internet Explorer version 5 or newer.
  2. After choosing a printer, you will be prompted to log into the ILM order site. If this is your first time ordering, you must create your own username and password by selecting 'New Account' and completing the form. Click 'Save' when you are finished and the Order Modules page will open.
  3. To order complete packages, click the check box located to the right of the yellow folder icon and type the quantity you require in the 'Quantity' box to the far right.
  4. To order individual modules, click the yellow folder icon on the left side of 'Complete Package' for an expanded list. Click the check box next to the module you wish to order and type the quantity you require in the 'Quantity' box to the far right.
  5. Click any 'Check Out' button and the 'Order Summary' page will open to review or modify your order. The price shown is the suggested retail price before GST and shipping costs. Click 'Next' to verify delivery information.
  6. If paying by credit card, enter your Visa or MasterCard in the ‘Purchase Order' field and the printer will contact you at the phone number you provided. Please do not include your credit card number.
  7. Use the ‘Comment’ field for any special instructions to the printer.
  8. Click ‘Submit Order’ (a confirmation email will be sent to you).
  9. To cancel an order, forward your confirmation email to your printer and ilm@gov.ab.ca and indicate ‘Cancel Order # XXXX-XXXXX’ in the subject line.

NOTE: When placing an order, the ordering session will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

For those unable to purchase directly from the printer, modules may be purchased through the bookstore of any Alberta apprenticeship training provider.

Please allow 30 days for printing and delivery.

Questions regarding the usage of the following Module Ordering Forms should be directed to:

ILM Initiative via email: ilm@gov.ab.ca

For questions on orders already placed please contact the printer directly at the e-mail address provided on your order confirmation.

Orders from any location within Canada:

Orders from Alberta:

Orders from Atlantic Provinces:

Orders from BC:

Orders from Manitoba:

Orders from Ontario:

Internal Use Only: