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Please review the COVID-19 protocols on your training provider’s website before enrolling in or attending apprenticeship training. Any concerns about a training provider’s vaccination policies should be directed to the training provider.

Skilled. Respected. Valued.

Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training system is developed with industry, for industry – resulting in a highly skilled, educated and competitive workforce.

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Apprentices learn on the job, ensuring that they receive practical, hands-on-training that meets the needs of current and future employers.

Click here to find out why you can never go wrong with a trade certificate! There are 50+ trades and occupations in Alberta to choose from.

Learn On the Job


  • What's an apprenticeship?
  • Who is eligible?
  • Occupational training
Interested in learning an Alberta trade or occupation? Find out how to get started...

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Experienced Workers


  • Qualification Certificates
  • Occupational Certificates
  • Interprovincial Red Seal
Find out if your training and experience meet Alberta Industry standards...

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Trades & Occupations


  • Trades and Occupations List
  • What's a trade?
  • What's an occupation?
Find out more about Alberta's designated trades and occupations... 

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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment establishes entrance requirements or advanced standing in an apprenticeship based on:
  • an entrance exam,
  • completed training,
  • currently enrolled,
  • from another province, and
  • working in trade but not as a registered apprentice.

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Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for financial assistance during technical training

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Increased Options for Canadian Apprentices

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training is participating in two national initiatives geared to the success of Canadian apprentices, whether they complete their training in Alberta or choose to move to another Canadian province or territory.

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