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Explore which trade or occupation is right for you

There are more than 50 designated trades and occupations in Alberta, with careers related to everything from landscape horticulturist and powerline technician to steel detailer and residential construction site manager. Find the career that matches your interests and passion – and learn more about what you need to get started.

Trades and occupations designated in BC or Saskatchewan available here.

Have you been laid off?  Are you an unemployed apprentice?

Here are several options to progress in your program.

Trades & Occupations List


Explore Alberta's designated trades and occupations...

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What's a Trade?


Find out about designated trades, and which trades are designated in Alberta...

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What's an Occupation?


Find out about the occupations that are available in Alberta...

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Creating Standards

Designation provides recognition that your skills and competencies meet up to Alberta industry standards

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Download a list of trades and occupations that require compulsory or optional certification

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