Recognized Credentials

Recognized credentials allow professionals to work in Alberta in designated trades or occupations without further training or examination. Alberta recognizes certain certificates issued by:

There is no requirement to register with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) if you have a recognized credential.

Use the search tool below or refer to the Summary of Recognized Credentials to determine whether a trade credential is recognized in Canada. If you are unable to determine whether or not a credential is recognized, contact your local Apprenticeship and Industry Training office.

Employers who have questions about the authenticity of a credential should contact the jurisdiction that issued the credential. For additional information, see Tips For Employers.

No Issuing jurisdictions found.

Credentials Recognized in Alberta

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Alberta Credentials

Natural Gas Compression Technician
Credential Name Notes

What is a Regulatory Authority?

“Regulatory authority” refers to a government department or agency, or an organization with authority delegated by law, that establishes standards or requirements for certification, assesses workers’ qualifications, or issues certificates or licenses indicating a person achieved those standards.

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