Who Can Learn a Trade?

You can earn while you learn when you meet the eligibility requirements of your chosen trade.

To be eligible to enter into a Contract of Apprenticeship in a trade:

  • you must be:
    • a Canadian citizen, or
    • a permanent resident of Canada, or
    • a Convention Refugee or protected person (documented by the Government of Canada), or
    • a refugee claimant in possession of a work permit, or
    • an individual in possession of a Post-Graduation Work Permit, who is eligible to receive credit for all required periods of technical training.
  • you must find an employer who is willing and able to hire an apprentice and provide on-the-job training in Alberta, and
  • your Contract of Apprenticeship registered with Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

For additional information, consult the Apprentice Eligibility Policy


Entrance requirements

  • Apprentices must meet the minimum Alberta or equivalent High School requirements for their trade.
  • If you do not meet the requirements or do not have the equivalent education, you can take an entrance exam for your trade of choice.
  • You can still register as an apprentice in your trade if you do not meet the requirements, but you will be expected to meet them during your first year of apprenticeship.
  • NEW - If you are the holder of an existing trade certificate, it can serve as your entrance requirement equivalency to apprentice in an additional trade. By obtaining an additional trade certificate, journeypeople expand their skills and help diversify Alberta's economy.
    • There continues to be different entrance requirements for each trade for new apprentices not already holding a trade certificate. 

Get a jump on apprenticeship while you’re in high school

  • The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is a way for registered high school students to become apprentices and earn credit toward their high school diploma at the same time.
  • Career and Technology Studies in high school can result in an advanced standing in an apprenticeship program.
  • There are annual awards of $1,000 for high school students to continue their apprenticeship technical training programs. See Scholarships and Awards for details.

Eligibility and Educational Requirements

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Financial Assistance

Get more information on financial assistance that may be available