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Language and Definitions

What is apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship in Alberta is defined as:

  • A work-integrated learning opportunity where the majority of learning is through meaningful work experience and mentorship.
  • A committed partnership between an apprentice, an employer or sponsor, industry, an educational institution, and the Government of Alberta.
  • A post-secondary educational program that results in formal academic recognition and supports pathways to future learning opportunities across a diversity of careers.

Language changes

Language change to align with changes introduced in the STAE Act.

From… > To…

  • Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act  >   Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act
  • Journeyman/Journeyman certificate  >   Journeyperson/journeyperson certificate
  • Employers  >  Sponsors and mentors  
  • Executive Director   >   Registrar and administrator
  • Apprenticeship Programs   >   Apprenticeship education programs
  • Apprenticeship contracts   >   Apprenticeship education agreements
  • Technical Training   >   Classroom instruction
  • Indentured   >   Registered
  • Certificate/certification     Credentials and certificates
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