Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board

The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board, through its five principles, plays a leadership role in developing Alberta’s highly skilled and trained workforce.

The Board advises the Minister of Advanced Education about the needs of the Alberta labour market for skilled and trained persons, and training and certification in trades and occupations.

The Board is also responsible for:

  • making recommendations to the Minister about the designation of trades and occupations,
  • establishing or recognizing trade and occupation-specific committees and appointing members,
  • promoting careers in trades and occupations and their training and certification,
  • developing policies about the recognition of training, and
  • recommending standards and requirements for training and certification in designated trades and for certification in designated occupations; and the criteria or requirements for granting and recognizing certificates under the Act.

The Board also authors regulations regarding:

  • the description of a designated trade or occupation,
  • the standards and requirements of apprenticeship programs and the training of apprentices,
  • the resolution of disagreements between employers and their employees arising out of matters under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act, and
  • exceptions from, and optional undertakings in, compulsory certification trades.

The Board’s work is guided by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act and the Public Agencies Governance Framework.

The Board Chair represents Alberta’s apprenticeship and industry training system as a member of the Interprovincial Alliance of Board Chairs (IPA). The IPA is a member of the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum – Forum canadien sur l’apprentissage (CAF-FCA).

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