Qualification Certificates


The Trades Qualifier Program provides experienced tradespeople with an opportunity to obtain an Alberta trade certificate.

You can obtain a trade certificate by demonstrating that your skills, knowledge and experience meet Alberta industry standards. Successful completion of one of more examinations is required.

There are two ways to acquire an Alberta Qualification Certificate.

Qualification Certificate - Based on a Recognized Credential

If you hold a valid recognized trade certificate  without a Red Seal and would like to obtain an Alberta trade certificate, complete the following steps:

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training will verify your certificate with the issuing jurisdiction. If your application is approved, you will be scheduled to challenge the required exam(s).

Qualification Certificate - Based on Work Experience

If you are an experienced tradesperson who does not hold a trade credential, or who holds a trade credential that is not recognized in Alberta, you may apply to have your skills, knowledge, and experience assessed against the standards for certification in an Alberta-designated trade. You can earn your certificate if you:

  • have the required time of hands-on work in the trade,
  • pass a theory exam, and
  • successfully complete a competency assessment.

Depending upon the trade, this could be a practical exam or an employment declaration letter from your Alberta employer.

To obtain an Alberta Qualification Certificate in a designated trade based on a work experience, complete the following steps:

Apprenticeship and Industry Training will verify your work experience with your current and previous employers. If the assessment verifies you have the required time in the trade, you will receive a letter stating your application has been approved.

If you are a foreign national worker, within seven (7) days of your arrival in Alberta, you must contact the Assessment, Certification and Examination Services (ACES) branch of Apprenticeship and Industry Training to provide your Alberta address and the name of your Alberta employer.