Trades Qualifier Programs


Trades Qualifier - Recognized Credential program

You hold a non-expired recognized trade certificate from another jurisdiction without the Red Seal endorsement and wish to obtain your Red Seal certificate in Alberta. 

  • Review Recognized Credential Application.
  • Ensure your recognized trade certificate is non-expired for a minimum of 6 weeks from the date of your application.
  • Confirm your trade certificate is recognized in Alberta.
  • Ensure ALL program requirements (verifiable credential and theory exam) can be completed within the 18 months of assessment approval.

Trades Qualifier - Work Experience program

You are an experienced tradesperson who does not hold a trade credential, or who holds a trade credential that is not recognized in Alberta, you may apply to have your skills, knowledge, and experience assessed against the standards for certification in an Alberta-designated trade. 

  • Review the Work Experience Application
  • Prior to application submission, ensure you have the required minimum number of verifiable months and hours of related work experience (see Minimum Requirements Chart on Work Experience Application.
  • Complete a competency assessment.
  • Successfully complete the required exam(s), and
  • ensure ALL program requirements (competency assessment and theory exam) can be completed within the 18 months of assessment approval.

Note: Once your Trades Qualifier - Work Experience application has been paid and submitted (all fees are non-refundable), you are eligible to work in an Alberta compulsory trade.

For any of the above applications, ensure you:

  • provide your correct and legal full name and contact information,
  • ensuring all contact information is provided (address, phone number and email is accurate and up to date at all times on your MTS online profile),
  • for foreign nationals, please ensure your full name reflects what is on your passport,
  • answer questions in the application accurately and honestly,
  • provide authentic and sufficient evidence to support your claims,
  • ensure all documents are in English or have been officially translated to English,
  • respond to any requests for supplemental information within the required time,
  • complete and submit a Consent to Disclose Personal Information form if you wish to have your information released to another individual or third-party, and
  • if unsuccessful, in a theory or practical exam more than twice in a previous application in the exact same trade, you are required to submit a Training Plan at your next exam attempt. 

AIT is not involved in any immigration or work permit services. Consult the Government of Canada website for information.