Recognizing Excellence in Alberta Industry

Every year, the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board recognizes the best of the best of Alberta’s apprentices and employers. Click on the links below to learn more about each award, including the nomination process and past recipients.

This Award recognizes Alberta apprentices who have demonstrated a level of skill and dedication to their trade that puts them a step above their peers.

This Award recognizes exceptional employers. Two awards are presented annually – one each for the North and South regions of Alberta.

This Award also recognizes outstanding employers.

This Award recognizes exceptional instructors. Two awards are presented annually – one each for the North and South regions of Alberta.

This Award is a prestigious honour granted to trades professionals who have developed ongoing relationships with apprentices in order to transfer knowledge and information relevant to work, career and/or professional development through communication, learning, dialogue and challenge.

The Chairperson’s Award of Excellence recognizes and honours individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication and commitment to their trade and to the apprenticeship and industry training system through outstanding service as a member of the industry advisory system. It also recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to the success of apprentices, and in turn, the success of the Apprenticeship and Industry Training System.

*In 2019 the AIT Board chose to combine two awards (“Chairman’s Award of Excellence” and “Special Recognition Award”) under the “Chairperson’s Award of Excellence”.

As of 2019, this award was incorporated into the Chairperson's Award of Excellence.

This Award is no longer available. The First Period Apprentice Award was a $750 financial award for first year apprentices registered in an Alberta apprenticeship program who were entering first period technical training.

This Award is a $1,000 financial award for registered apprentices who are unemployed in their trade for at least 30 consecutive days immediately prior the start of technical training, on or after August 1st, 2016.