Apprentice Training Award

The Apprentice Training Award is a $1,000 financial award for registered apprentices who are “Unemployed in the Trade” and attending technical training at an Alberta-approved technical training provider. This award helps reduce financial barriers and supports apprentices to progress towards their journeyperson certification. 

This financial award is geared toward helping apprentices not employed in their trade by providing financial assistance to help offset the costs of completing technical training. 

To be considered for the Apprentice Training Award, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • be registered in the Alberta apprenticeship program for at least 30 consecutive days immediately prior to the start of technical training, 
  • be registered in a technical training class at an approved training provider, 
  • be "Unemployed in the Trade" for at least 30 consecutive days immediately prior to the start of technical training, and
  • not be a previous Apprentice Training Award recipient for the same training period.

Unemployed in the Trade means the apprentice does not have an employer holding their Contract of Apprenticeship. For apprentices registered with the Boilermakers or Ironworkers Apprenticeship Administration Agency, “Unemployed in the Trade” is defined as being on the out-of-work list.  Talk with an agency apprenticeship coordinator for more details. 

Before you apply 

It is important for AIT to have up-to-date information on your apprenticeship.

  1. Ensure your contact information is correct by logging into your MyTradesecrets account.  You can check or edit your information on the Profile page.
  2. To establish that you are “Unemployed in the Trade”, bring or mail in your Notice of Release of Contract of Apprenticeship (Release Card)* to any AIT office or take a clear photo of it and email it to AIT.Cards@gov.ab.caSee office locations.

    You can verify if your Release Card has been processed by:

    • logging onto your MyTradesecrets account, going to the Applications tab, and
    • clicking 'Details' beside your apprenticeship application.
  3. Bring or mail in your record book so your hours are up-to-date. See office locations
  4. Register and attend technical training.
    You have until five (5) days after the end of technical training to apply for the Apprentice Training Award.

*Note:  Apprentices registered to the Boilermaker or Ironworker Apprenticeship Administration Agencies do not have to submit their Notice of Release of Contract of Apprenticeship card. Unemployment will be confirmed by the apprentice’s agency.

How to apply for the Award

  1. Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) will notify you by email if you may be eligible on your first day of technical training.  A notice will also appear on the home page of your MyTradesecrets account.
  2. To apply, you must provide your consent, Social Insurance Number, and declare that you were “Unemployed in the Trade” for at least 30 consecutive days immediately prior to attending technical training. You have up to five (5) days after the end of your technical training class to provide your consent, Social Insurance Number and make a legal declaration.
  3. Once eligibility has been determined and verified, a cheque will be mailed to the address in your MyTradesecrets account.   

For more information

Read the AT Award Information Sheet or contact AIT by