How Do I Get Started?

You can begin your apprenticeship by taking the following four steps.

Step 1: Do Your Research

Step 2: Find an Employer

  • Conduct a standard job search using newspapers and online job posting sites.
  • Tell everyone you know you are looking for an apprenticeship position.
  • If an employer says they are not hiring, ask if they know of another company that is.

More job search tools and resources are available on the alis website.

Step 3: Complete the Apprenticeship Application and Contract

  • Complete the online Apprenticeship Application and Contract through the MyTradesets (MTS) online service.
  • There is a $35 application fee required for apprenticeship training applications. Fees are non-refundable.
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents are eligible for training in an apprenticeships program.
  • An Alberta Student Number (ASN) is required to apply for all programs and services.

Step 4: Consider How to Finance Your Education

Although you earn a wage for every day you are on the job, depending on your circumstances, you may need student aid to help finance your post-secondary education. Registered apprentices in Alberta may be eligible for financial assistance.

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