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Those authorized to perform the restricted activities of this designated trade include:

  • Sponsored Apprentices, and
  • Certified Journeypersons.

For complete information, see Restricted Activities and Classes of Individuals.

Trade Updates

The ironworker - generalist branch was discontinued on September 1, 2017. An apprentice registered in this program before this date has until August 31, 2023 to successfully complete ironworker - generalist journeyperson certification.   If an apprentice who registered in this program is cancelled, the individual will not be reinstated in the generalist program and will need to reapply in one of three active ironworker apprenticeship programs: ironworker (metal building systems erector), ironworker (reinforcing), or ironworker (structural/ornamental) and complete 1,620 hours per period.  Previously earned technical training credits and on-the-job hours under the ironworker – generalist apprenticeship program may be transferred to any of the three active ironworker apprenticeship programs.    

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