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Overhead Door Technician - Level One


Overhead door technicians install, service, repair and conduct preventative maintenance on residential and commercial overhead sectional doors, coiling doors, coiling and sliding steel fire doors, electric operating devices for these doors, dock levelers, electric gate openers, and access control devices for residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Overhead doors are standard building components in residential, commercial and industrial construction. The overhead door is usually the largest moving object in the home or building and can often contain more moving parts than the rest of the home or building combined. Overhead doors maintain temperature control in buildings, are a key component in building security, preventing theft, vandalism and intrusion. Overhead doors are a means to control building cleanliness, water and snow, dirt and rodents and unwanted guests. Rolling steel fire doors automatically close, acting as a fire barrier; rolling shutters are effective sun and security shields. Dock leveler systems assure safe and efficient freight loading and receiving.

There are two levels of industry-defined competency for overhead door technicians. Industry training for overhead technicians is available through the Canadian Door Institute (CDI). Successful completion of the necessary industry-approved training enhanced the quality and safety of work performed on overhead door systems. Overhead Door Technicians - Level One can work on doors up to a maximum of 144 square feet. 

To work in the occupation of overhead door technician, certification is voluntary.

For more information regarding tasks and activities, please review the Occupation Regulation.

Working Conditions

Overhead door technicians work year-round in all weather conditions. Working with lifting components can be dangerous and requires mandatory safe work practices including the use of personal protective equipment.  Technicians normally work a 40 hour week with overtime required to meet project deadlines.

Skills and Abilities

Overhead door technicians must have:

  • manual dexterity,
  • ability to lift 25 kilograms,
  • a Class 5 driver’s license,
  • ability to operate lifting devices as required,
  • safe worksite practices,
  • management and organizational skills,
  • skills to gather data and prepare records/reports, and
  • ability to review and read construction drawings, plans, specifications and related documents.

Employment and Advancement

Overhead door technicians are employed in various industry sectors, including utilities, oil and gas, municipalities, construction and service providers. 

There are career paths from the occupation into system design, senior project management, self-employment and executive management, all within the overhead door field.

Overhead door technicians with an occupational certification from Alberta and require further supervisory and management competencies may apply for the Alberta Achievement in Business Competencies Blue Seal business credential.

There are approximately 700 individuals working in Alberta as overhead door technicians.  With growth for new infrastructure, buildings and oil and gas facilities predicted, it is anticipated that the demand for certified overhead door technicians will increase.

Overhead door technicians certified at level one make an average of $40,000 to $70,000 per year. Technicians certified at level two can earn $60,000 to $100,000 per year. Designation does not affect wages which are determined by individual employers.

Working in Alberta

Employers generally prefer applicants who have achieved the overhead door technician occupational certificate or are willing to obtain the industry skill competencies through training.

Individuals possessing a valid Alberta Journeyman Certificate, an Alberta Occupational Certificate or a document indicating that the individual holds a certificate that is recognized as equivalent to an Alberta trade or occupational certificate, are eligible to receive a  Blue Seal business credential upon completing the necessary requirements.

Occupational Certification Based on Recognized Credential

To qualify for an Alberta Occupational Certificate as an overhead door technician - level one, a person must:

Student loans, grants, scholarships and other financial assistance may be available. For more information see Financial Assistance, visit an Apprenticeship and Industry Training office or call toll-free to 1-800-248-4823.

Occupational Certification Based on Work Experience

Industry provides the option for technicians who have not completed the overhead door technician formal training to apply for an overhead door technician - level one certification if they can demonstrate, through work experience and examination, the necessary industry competencies.  These technicians must: