Exam Preparation Center

The exam preparation centre is designed to help you locate all the information you need to be successful on your upcoming exam and find out about exam rules & policies.  Choose from one of the following topics to get started.

Writing an exam at an AIT office?

Due to COVID-19, some exam procedures have changed. Please read this information before you go to an AIT office to write your exam.

If you are writing your exam at the Edmonton AIT office, please read this additional information on the steps to follow to enter the building.

Prepare for your Upcoming Exam

Obtain an outline of your exam and access other information to help you prepare.

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Challenging AIT Exams

Explore what's required to successfully challenge an AIT exam.

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Study Tips for Success During COVID-19

Practical tips for navigating distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Exam Rules, Policies and Procedures

Everything you need to write the exam will be provided to you including calculators.  More details regarding policies and procedures around academic conduct, personal behavior, cheating and attendance information is available here.

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Special Requirements

If you have special requirements for your exam, we can help with accommodations or providing a reader.

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